Here is a rolling list of my product or business ideas that I have developed, resulting in either discarding them or putting them on pause pending future research:

  1. PowerCube: a capacity tariff to fight UK fuel poverty
  2. PowerSensr: a smart voltage logger
  3. SecondChance: reducing retailer waste
  4. TRMH, social impact bonds to improve mental health
  5. Rental version of eBay or Amazon
  6. Seismic sensor network and trading algorithm to hedge against earthquakes in Silcon Valley
  7. CashZap, calendar-based personal financial management (post pending)
  8. IMTech (post pending)
  9. Map and Graph Museum, a dedicated space celebrating data visualisation (post pending)
  10. MirrorMirror, phone-based body scanner for online shopping avatar (post pending)
  11. GridQ – digital platform to help DNOs manage connection requests (post pending)
  12. Spotify for newspapers and magazines (post pending)
  13. Prime Minister, a Football Manager-style politics simulator (post pending)
  14. Drinx, queue-busting app to pre-order food and drinks at busy events (post pending)
  15. DroneZone: London warehouse drone “racetrack” and bar (post pending)