Here is a rolling list of my product or business ideas that I have developed, resulting in either discarding them or putting them on pause pending future research:

  1. PowerCube: a capacity tariff to fight UK fuel poverty
  2. PowerSensr: a smart voltage logger
  3. SecondChance: reducing retailer waste
  4. TRMH, social impact bonds to improve mental health
  5. Rental version of eBay or Amazon
  6. CashZap, calendar-based personal financial management (post pending)
  7. IMTech (post pending)
  8. Map and Graph Museum, a dedicated space celebrating data visualisation (post pending)
  9. MirrorMirror, phone-based body scanner for online shopping avatar (post pending)
  10. GridQ – digital platform to help DNOs manage connection requests (post pending)
  11. Spotify for newspapers and magazines (post pending)
  12. Prime Minister, a Football Manager-style politics simulator (post pending)
  13. Drinx, queue-busting app to pre-order food and drinks at busy events (post pending)
  14. DroneZone: London warehouse drone “racetrack” and bar (post pending)