Borough Market Forever

Let us not give in to the hate or anger
Shown by those who try to wound us.
Let us not forget those we have lost
Nor forget who we are in ourselves.

Let us not succumb to the temptation
To lose our compassion and tolerance.
A city built on openness and curiosity
Where live and let live reigns supreme.

Though the whispers may echo
Til the point they almost deafen.
Let us not forget our old wisdom:
Keep calm and carry on.

Let us not lose our empathy
Nor be deaf to cries of pain.
What can we do better
To be sure of: “never again”?

The world lands on the banks of our Thames
And we can travel the globe in a street.
The rain may fall and the skies may grey
But they must never take our London away.

Borough Market, London

Photo source: Condé Nast